Marina’s Attitude

Stereo blind yourself; perception is bred via the cacophonous ‘third dimension’ of power. Hierarchies and ideologies, narrated through historicization and culturalization, holler a penetrating depth of field; erecting magnificently fortified castles, an architecture of worship. Swept up, a language is acquired, bias is tuned, values are defined, normalcy is born: innocence is lost, conformity is found. Squint, mute, self induce naivety; become like child. Financial centres, religious institutions, government complexes, malls, luna parks, strip clubs, apartment blocks, mansions, refugee camps… flattened, merging into each other. A science fiction tale, a symphony of flashing colours, complex formulas, mutating shapes and uncanny melodies, where nuance and epic aesthetically occupy the same universal conditions; become like child. Reclaim beauty, an intimate relationship to the senses, sans object, sans subject. Reillusion a Leibnizian optimism, salvage Candide’s disillusioned ideals. Squint harder, wonder; become like child, holy.

Text by Peter Eramian