Orestis Lazouras is a romantic, and he is also sensitive, come for an inside to Lazouras’ sad life.


A precarious practice realizing poetry as nano-posting, sculpture as styling, music as cultural studies, readymade as inner self and personality as fiction. The spectacle is his birthplace, sustaining a never-ending melancholy, speed is inherited from it but ‘action’ never needs to be shouted out. Validating experimentation as finalization, Lazouras is painlessly applying pressure, rhythmically; a quicky with pre-descending feelings.


It’s his first and last solo show before he gives up on art education.


One of his quotes: “An artist, but also a friend.” Being a friend in this case is preferably a construction, since betrayal is a leading trait of his thought process. Faithful, as an artist, forever, towards a productive instability.


Get ready for a show, cause he will have a breakdown.