The Ffffast Summer Residency in Cyprus explores the limitations of ephemeral art events such as fairs, short courses and residencies. The artists adopt temporality as the main characteristic of tourism and interrogate it through their practice. The malleable nature of the project questions the parallels between artist and sightseer.

The artists contribute by taking part in the residency in Cyprus or are being indirectly represented by the work they have sent from abroad. The former test their roles as tourists whilst the latter examine ideas of preconception and translation.


Alex Sarkisian, Gabriel Leung, Heejoon Lee, Johnathan Cook, Jack Cheetham, Kelli Sims, Lauren Hall, Jennifer Bailey, Marta Perovic, Marysia Gacek, Patrick Cole, Sasha Panyuta, Katrina Valle, Ying Cui, Sarah F Maloney and Fanny Wickström.

Organised by Maria Toumazou and Marina Xenofontos at Neoterismoi Toumazou and Αλάς.