Orestis Lazouras’ ‘Studio’ at Volks opens to the public on the 1st of September.  Transforming Volks, from his temporary studio where he worked on a study of paintings and sculptures – into the current exhibition. One of Lazouras’ favourite quotes is “είμαι παιδί του λαού” which translates to “I am a boy of the people”.. This is Lazouras’ second solo show. Follow his instagram account @orestis4volks for a preview.


3-old-stock 4-installation 5-bourgeois-hall 6-bourgeois-hall 7-fish-fingers-by-dada56b76e1f744e9888c5f98852cd2c0689-bourgeois-hall-2 10-alexandra-rihanna 11-rihanna 12-waiting-room 13-waiting-room-detail 14-window 15-installation 16-dont-panic-im-islamic-2 17-his-hers 18-his-hers19-max 20-arletta-paolala 21-paolala 22-insllation 23-mykonos26-mountain  24-installation25-watch-queen  27-maria-by-marios-claudia 28-tottems29-tottems30-sushi-by-dad-tottems    31-marina-xenofontos-room32-installation 33-stage-kim-shisha

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