A Land Rover Approached the Village (Black Rainbow), installation


Neoterismoi Toumazou investigate the idea of ruins in contemporary cultural consciousness. Exploring the deserted village of Ayios Sozomenos, near the green line, as a ‘heterotopia of deviancy’ that allows the expression of desires in a place that is seemingly on the margin, they install at the gallery space a model of the ruins of the church of Ayios Mamas, a figure standing in a gangplank position and an installation of light boxes, bridging an aesthetic fascination with ruins with a current function of the area, which is used by an electronic music community. The installation is built upon the team’s examination of the expressive capacities of materials -ruins built from Styrofoam and covered with clay, a sculpture taking an anthropomorphic cue due to limps dressed in plastic, light entering the scene from lightboxes arranged in an abstract, fluid composition. It operates as a theatre stage on which a study of the heterochronic relationship between memory and desire unfolds.


[text by Evagoras Vanezis]

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